Salt for Salt Spray Testing

Specialist Lab Salt offers a “Pure Salt” which is required to meet many of the leading National, International and Corporate Salt Spray Standards, including ISO 9227, ASTM B117 and DIN 50.021.

Our refined salt comes complete with a UKAS Certificate of Analysis issued by a fully audited UKAS and NADCAP approved laboratory, together with a Certificate of Conformity, Health and Safety Data Sheet and Product Data Sheet.

Our salt is available in 25Kg Drums which will make you 500 litres of salt solution as 5Kg of salt should be added to each 100 litres of deionsied water.

We also have salt available in easy to use 5Kg Tubs, which eliminates the need to weigh out the salt each time you make 100 litres of salt solution.  This saves time and reduces the risk of contamination.  The 5Kg Tubs are also easy to handle.

The 5Kg Tubs are sole in 20Kg Multi Packs and each tub is fully certificated with complete traceability.

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